Haddaway is an English musician, one of the brightest Eurodance artists, and the singer of the 1990s club hit ‘What Is Love’. His songs harmonically combine dance rhythms and refined ballads. Haddaway actively tours, takes part in ‘Disco 90’ retro projects and collaborates with famous musicians.

Nestor Alexander Haddaway was born in 1965. He spent his early years in Trinidad and Tobago, and later his family moved to the USA. It was in America that he graduated from high school and first considered pursuing a musical career. Nestor took a deep interest in music since the very childhood, with Frank Sinatra and master trumpeter Louis Armstrong as his early idols. As a teenager, he founded his own band ‘Chances’, composed music, and performed at school and city events.

Musical career

In 1988, he moved to Germany. Haddaway played American football, was employed in the fashion industry, composed songs, and performed in bars. The artist reached his popularity in 1993 because of his song ‘What Is Love’, which became a super hit. The single took first place in 42 countries, entered Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, and its sales reached the point of 38 million copies. By releasing his next songs ‘I Miss You’ and ‘Rock My Heart’, the artist consolidated his prominent role in dance club music. The debut LP called ‘The Album’ was certified Platinum in France and Gold in Great Britain. The artist has recorded six albums and about twenty singles and now continues to tour, giving more than 90 performances around the world yearly.

Best songs and music videos

What Is Love;

Stir It Up;

Fly Away;

Catch a Fire;

What About Me;

Love Makes;


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Haddaway hits & videos

Haddaway’s discography

Haddaway has released more than 20 singles, multiple compilation albums and six LPs, some of which have been reissued with minor changes.

The Album (1993)

The artist’s debut and most successful LP including dance hits ‘What Is Love’, ‘Rock My Heart’, and ‘Life’. The LP was certified Gold and Platinum in 20 European countries, and the critics proclaimed it the best dance album of the 1990s. In the USA, it was reissued under the name ‘Haddaway’.

The Drive (1995)

The LP includes the hits ‘Fly Away’, ‘Catch a Fire’, and ‘Lover Be Thy Name’. The album failed to repeat the success of its predecessor but received positive reviews and entered the top 10 in the chart of Swiss.

Let’s Do It Now (1998)

The album combines techno-pop songs and melodious ballads. ‘You’re Taking My Heart’ is a collaboration with DJ Stevie Steve. The best tracks: ‘What About Me’, ‘Who Do You Love’, ‘Bring Back My Memories’.

My Face (2001)

The fourth LP was recorded under the label Terzetto. The album includes soul and R&B tracks as well as pop ballads. It was reissued in 2002 under the name ‘Love Makes’.

Pop Splits (2005)

The LP includes the single ‘Spaceman’, which entered Germany’s chart. The song ‘Shout’ is a remix of one of Haddaway’s own songs from the debut LP.

Gotta Be (2011)

The LP was released under the label Coconut Music. It includes 21 songs in such genres as Eurodance, soul, blues, and pop ballad.


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